31 May

As a cycle guide in Andalucia, Spain I get to ride with clients from all over the world, with differing ages and abilities. We can ride from 30k to 160k every day with up to 3,000 metres of climbing! On these rides we are mostly in the mountains, which makes every ride challenging for everyone.

Our clients (a lot of whom return every year) love the scenery and landscape that our area has to offer. Andalucia has amazing history, architecture, tastes, sights and sounds and we just love to guide them around, especially on bikes. They take in so much more than in a car or bus.

It’s a challenge for sure: one week I can have an inexperienced family, but that is great to see their confidence grow over the week. Then the next week I may have experienced racers or triathletes who can really put my legs to the test!

I got into cycling seriously in about 1998 when I started training with a friend of mine who eventually became national age group mountain bike champion. From there on my cycling just took off, until eventually I decided to take a cycling holiday in Spain … with the company that I now work for! They needed guides for the following season, and I was in a position to ask for and accept the job… strange how life works out. That was over five years ago, and I have never looked back.

Living here is fantastic and I feel blessed to be here. Spain is an amazing country to live and cycle in. Living in Andalucía in southern Spain, the country changes with each season. From the green lush colours of the winter to the barren browns of the summer… but it’s such a joy and privilege to be able to call this region ‘ home ‘.

With mountains on my doorstep and sweeping descents on the other side, I needed a bike that can climb and descend. My Argon 18 Gallium does both with ease. It’s light enough to get over the top, and stiff enough to rail the corners going down. And of course at the bottom of the descent there is always a coffee shop to be had! And as someone who takes style seriously, I also feel that my bike reflects that. In a sea of humdrum bikes where they are all beginning to look the same, my Gallium stands out from the crowd, it certainly draws looks and gets attention, which I love.

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